Kore Design has been a leader in Active Sitting, sitting that allows motion and increases “Secondary Focus” that allows for greater attention, better thinking and learning. Kore Wobble Chairs rock and spin on a patented, gently domed base, encouraging movement while seated and permitting comfortable and ever-changing positions to help exercise and stretch core muscles (back, abs, and upper legs). Kore Wobble Chairs are ideal for school classrooms, libraries, or day-cares; at work or in the home office; at drafting or crafts table; or for perching and taking a rest while standing for long periods of time.
The Kore Kids Wobble Chairs are now manufactured with Antimicrobial protection in multiple fixed-height or adjustable sizes and in many vibrant colors. Kore Office PLUS chairs are available in two adjustable versions (Everyday and Standing) and with various seat coverings.