KOR NRG Solutions, Inc. was created to become the preeminent company in the “waste to energy” space by converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Biosolids and other hard to process feedstocks into an alternative fuel source to be used as a replacement to heavy users of fossil fuels.  Our proprietary processing system will produce a homogenous and stable fuel, called the PowerBale™, delivering from 8,000 to over 11,000 Btu/lb. depending on the material blend. With our system, less than 10% of the current waste stream (the inert material) will actually end up in the landfills. With BTU values approaching 11,000 Btu per pound the PowerBale™ can be used as a high-quality waste-to-energy (WtE) fuel source for power plants, cement plants, biofuel refineries and other industrial processes on a global basis.

Landfills, the current destination for a majority of our trash, are a major source of methane. We have been left with the impression it is just the underdeveloped country landfills that present a problem when in actuality our landfills generate gas for nearly 100 years. The methane equivalent is that roughly 472 million tons of carbon dioxide will be generated from just one year of municipal trash in the United States. That is a third more than from heating and cooling all of the homes in the country.

Currently KOR NRG has developed an economical solution to divert the source of the methane issue, organic material, from the landfill and turns it into a sustainable alternative energy fuel reducing the environmental impacts caused by human activity. By partnering with garbage haulers, municipalities, transfer stations and landfill operators over the next few years KOR NRG will have a major impact on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), extending the lifetime of landfills, keeping coal fired electric plants operational and significantly increasing shareholder value.