KO-SU is the very innovative mobile learning platform open to everyone and anyone who wants to teach and learn via mobile devices. It can be used by individuals, schools, small businesses and large corporates alike.

KO-SU has been developed after extensive experimentation and piloting in the area of mobile learning. It sets a whole new benchmark with regards user experience, allowing subscribers to create interactive activities optimised for the mobile screen. Also, anyone can be invited to classes, thus extending participation in learning to the broader community.

KO-SU goes beyond the traditional classroom. Activities can be done anywhere a mobile device can go: * Do your training or homework via KO-SU on the bus or train on the way home * Have your personal coach send you tips and activities straight to your mobile
* Take your mobile device out into the garden and do a gardening class on KO-SU * Participate in a language class with a teacher located overseas * Receive new product information and updates from your employer

Interactive activities are created from templates that support text, images, audio, videos, multiple choice, free text questions and even drawing tasks.