1.What does Kosun do?
Being the first professional manufacturer of Solid Control System in China, Kosun is a vital part of the world’s hydrocarbon exploration and production industry, as well as one of top three solids control equipment suppliers in China.
Kosun solids control equipments & systems, Kosun waste management equipments play important roles in rigs for drilling and serving Oil-Gas, Geothermy, Shale gas and Coal Bed Methane, construction, etc.

2.What does Kosun manufacture?
Solids control equipments: liner shale shaker, balanced elliptical motion shaker, Shale shaker screen (OEM for Derrick, NOV Brandt and Swaco), desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, shear pump, mud agitator, mud gun, drilling fluid mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, jet mud mixer, Mud tank, Diesel tank, Water tank, etc.
Solids control system: Skid mounted solids control system and mobile solids control system
Drilling waste management equipments: Hi-G dryer, screw pump, screw conveyer, centrifuge
Safety equipment: mud/ gas separator, flare ignition system
Spare parts: Derrick 500 PWP screen, NOV Brandt Cobra screen, Derrick 2000 PWP screen, NOV Brandt VSM300 screen, composite screen, desilter cone, desander cone, ex-proof control panel, decander centrifuge big end, decander centrifuge bowl, shaker spring, etc.

3.Why choose Kosun?
Geography Advantage: Tefico is located in Shaanxi Province, which is the biggest drilling production base, so related equipments are fully furnished here.
Technical Advantage: there are 330 staff employees, including 55 are engineers. The technical experts own nearly 30 years experience.
Product Advantage: there are all-round solids control equipment as well as good quality since most them are purchased by China big state-owned oilfield company. API Q1, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and IADC have been authorized.
After sales services: there are four wholly-owned subsidiary for oilfield services in Beijing, Hongkong, Kazakhstan, Indonesia; one wholly-owned subsidiary in manufacturing solids control units, drilling waste units, MCC room, assembly of the system in Kazakhstan; and some joint venture companies are under building in Africa.