As a marketing and sales consultant business focused on traveling event, entertainment, and media solutions, KR1STNA Media is positioned to inspire and connect the leaders of today with the creative solutions that meet their needs. Through strategic partnerships, KR1STNA Media offers a multitude of knowledge and assistance in areas such as consumer engagement and event solutions among other ingenious opportunities.

KR1STNA Media provides creative solutions for businesses small and large. Our services include consulting in entertainment, events, celebrity engagement, media, travel, strategy, sales, marketing, printing, among other related subjects. Offering the products & services needed for ultimate success, we provide guidance and leverage trends to, not only reach, but exceed business goals.

KR1STNA Media excels in pivotal roles like managing product launches, planning and executing strategy, and creating successful experiences through presentation. We are experienced with contract negotiations and directly prioritizes client objectives. Incredibly tech savvy, creative and organized, KR1STNA Media has a successful reputation for maximizing time, budgets, and strategies. We enjoy exceeding challenging sales goals, managing demanding global client accounts, cultivating business in competitive markets, and enforcing work flows/policies/processes.

As we serve as intuitive, creative engineers in our space, we are well-seasoned to conquer new challenges while setting goals and standards. With infinite energy, our team at KR1STNA Media offers services that are both flexible and powerful. With a persistent desire to please our clients, we ensure superior customer satisfaction. Versatile and adaptable, we offers impeccable communication and presentation in Spanish & English.