You're chilling in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and you suddenly start craving your favorite filet mignon from Keens Steakhouse on 36th St in New York City, but there’s no way to get it. Or is there... Simply with the press of a button, one of our butlers will order your food, package it for long distance transportation, personally accompany it across the country, and hand deliver it to you, all within 24 hours for the flat rate of $1999.00. Welcome to the world of KraveButler - the world’s first long-distance food delivery platform.

Globalization and long-distance product delivery are affecting almost every industry, yet these trends have not been applied to freshly made food. KraveButler is built on the premise that good food should not be limited to one's location. We allow anybody to order an item from any restaurant within the continental United States, and have it hand delivered to you within 24 hours.