Guru Franklin Joseph is a Women Safety Empowerment & Women Self Defense Specialist and runs his BadAzz Combat Academy training center teaching Israeli Self Defense Krav Maga in Bangalore.

He is a internationally certified Senior Civilian Maga Self Defense Instructor (2003 batch) and a Regional Director of the International Krav Maga Federation ('IKMF') at Bangalore. He trained under and is certified by the Grand Master Avi Moyal, Chief Instructor, IKMF, Israel and has attended countless workshops by Krav Maga Stalwarts like Master Vicky Kapoor, Master Shlomi Moyal, Master Gabi Noah and Master Amnon Darsa etc.
Under his mentor and Chief Instructor, Master Vicky Kapoor, Mr. Franklin has assisted various civilian combat workshops and Self Defense / Combat Training projects with Police, VIP Protection Units and Military Special Forces.

Mr. Franklin Joseph, is also a Social Entrepreneur who designed and founded 'PowertoWomen.in', an organization which focuses on Girl Child and Women's Safety Awareness, Women Self Defense and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse, healing survivors of crime, violence and abuse etc.
He is also an author of various self-written articles in his blog 'FranklinJoseph.in' on the issues of women safety awareness and  women self-defense in India.

His 'Power to Women' Safety Awareness Workshops and Krav Maga Self Defense workshops are well received by more than 40 corporate clientage with the feedback showing not only the magnitude of Mr. Joseph's knowledge, but also his public speaking skills which disseminate information on such a sensitive subject like abuse and violence. He always including games, humour quotes, realistic scenario based drills and interactive liveliness in his workshop to de-stress and encourage more participation from the members.

Mr. Joseph was born into the slums of New Delhi and was exposed to the world of crime and violence early on in his life and had to learned street awareness, predator instincts and no-rules violent street tactics to survive. He is also a survivor of sexual abuse as a child onto his youth, and has experienced the trauma of street gang violence, various knife attacks and escapes 2 bomb blasts and mob riots by God's grace and street awareness. Mr. Joseph spent many years working through the emotional toll which survivors experience and developed a first hand knowledge of preventing and fighting abuse, crime and violence.

An ardent worshipper of practical knowledge and real life experience, Mr. Joseph went to great lengths to learn the just emerging world of internet which proved to be the start of a very fulfilling and enterprising career for him as a web-designer. Having spent 11 years in the IT sector, Mr. Joseph felt compelled to leave the comforts of the corporate world to work in the social sector and retired as a Creative Director, Project Manager, Senior Website Designer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

He spent 7 years working with an NGO that focused on child labour where he came across many cases of abuse against women and children. He did extensive research on how much crime, violence and sexual abuse played a role in the lives of these children and women and what traumatic effects they faced due to its exposure.
Based on those experiences, he also founded 'PowertoKids.in' where the focus is to teach the children and parents how to deal with issues of violence and sexual abuse on children where the focus is prevent, avoid and escape instead of punches and kicks.

Having experienced and dealt with crime at a very personal level, the conventional world of martial arts with its rules did not appeal to Mr. Joseph, who recognized that criminals fight dirty without the honor, skill-set and rules of martial arts. Instead he chose Krav Maga, a tough, battle hardened, no rules, no holds-barred Israeli Combat System, the training for which fortified his conviction and grit to help survivors of crime like himself overcome the trauma of the crimes that they have been subjected to.

BadAzz Combat Academy was born cultivating his training of Krav Maga and his vision of an honest Self Defense training academy. He has pioneered many innovative training workshops in BadAzz Combat Academy including Knife Fighting Self Defense classes, Blind Fold tactical and Water Based Self Defense Drills with many more in the pipeline. He also started BadAzz Urban Warrior

He has been featured widely in the media including Times of India, Hindustan Times, Bangalore Mirror, DNA, Deccan Herald etc., Magazines like Tehelka, 080 Bangalore, Bengaluru Pages, LiveMint.com, GlobalPost.com, TimeOut Bengaluru, etc., TV shows and News Channels like ZeeTv, CnnIBN, NDTV 24x7, TV9 News, Swarna Channel, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, Times Now etc and is relentless in pursuing his goal of a safe world, free of abuse and crime especially for girl-child and women.