Krav Maga delivers a program that was developed in Israel by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to give its soldiers an advantage in hand-to-hand fighting over their opponents.
Krav Maga has evolved into an Urban Combat Fitness Program, based on simple self-protection techniques specifically created to simulate real attack situations, instinctive maneuvers and provides an incomparable level of self-confidence to its students.  Our program is based on real-world situations and provides a very fun and engaging way to obtain the highest level of fitness and stamina in a short period of time, while simultaneously learning how to protect your self.

Highly engaging  programs for different ages are geared to give participants:  
Self-Defense Technique: The most decisive and simple method to become a perfect fighting machine.
Incredible Workout: This the most intense cardio work out and endurance building regiment out there.
Great Health: Get the best possible body and become a sculpted warrior!
Self Confidence: Build the confidence to accomplish all the things you want in your life!

CHILDREN'S Program Focuses On:
1. Development of Confidence and Critical Thinking
2. Self Defense Ability
3. Technical Skills and High level of coordination
4. Fitness and Strength development
5. Understanding of Kidnapping Situations and Preventive Measures

TEEN & YOUTH Program Focuses On:
1. Anti-bullying
2. Anti-abduction
3. Dynamic Fun Fitness
4. Situational Awareness
5. Healthy Lifestyle

ADULT Program Focuses On:
1. Urban Self Defense Methods
2. Simple & Effective Hand To Hand Combat
3. Dynamic and Hybrid Fitness Training
4. Quality Of Life and Body Development

Fat Burn and Self Defense Program, designed to condition a woman's body and to perfection and sharpen the self-defense abilities in case of a violent or sexual crime attempt.