Kreative PR specialises in Face 2 Face Promotional Campaigns, Brand Awareness and Lead Generation.

Our marketing campaigns are tailored to suit each customer’s unique requirements, with the same market-leading service for every job, big or small.
Our services include product demonstration, lead generation, direct leaflet distribution and brand awareness. We also can provide model services and samples distribution.

Every Client is different and has different needs, thats why our campaign managers are dedicated to anticipate your needs and prepare specially tailored marketing plan that will be precisely executed by our professional agents.

Face 2 Face Lead Generation
Businesses want to become more informed about who their individual prospects are, where they are in the purchase process and ways they can reach them.
Lead generation success depends on a number of factors: the quality of the lead’s information, response rate, and how effective businesses’ sales strategies are.

Promotional Teams & Leaflet Distribution
Deliver your leaflets to the people who want to buy from you.
The key to getting a good response rate and winning new business from a leaflet campaign, is knowing who to deliver to. The success of a direct marketing campaign is dependent on reaching the potential target customers.

Brand Awareness & Tailored Campaigns
Our marketing campaigns are tailored to suit each customer’s unique requirements, with the same market-leading service for every job, big or small.
Once we establish your businesses individual needs , we will be able to create cost effective campaign that will help you to achieve your goals.

What makes us different and why...

Our priority is to anticipate customers needs while providing high standard approach and customer service.

We strongly believe in what we do, that makes us the right candidates to become ambassadors of your brand.

Few reasons why our clilents chosen us:

We generate leads by professional face 2 face approach only
We don't just pass the leaflets! We interact with the public, create an impact on the potential prospects.
We are very flexible with what we do and can potentially do, there is no job too big or too small.
Our team are young and motivated individuals who receive training on daily basis to ensure that we can provide quality service to the highest standard.

Kreative PR is a London based company that has proven track record in not only representing clients on the streets. We also provide direct sales and marketing in residential areas (door 2 door), events based sales as well as B2B sector.

Whether You need a short or a long term marketing campaign, we are always happy to get involved.
F2F Lead Generation
Leaflet Distribution
Residential Letterbox Distribution
Brand Awareness
Promotional Staff
Product Sampling
Direct Sales
Promotional Models
Event Management & Staff
Data Capture
and more....

Cost Effective Approach
After an initial meeting, we will prepare clear estimate based on your needs and budget.
Understanding your business objectives will help us to work out the best value for money plan.

Looking to increase leads and sales at your next promotional event? We can help! Let us know a little about your upcoming event and we'll contact you soon to see how Kreative PR event staffing services can help your company reach its marketing goals. Once you are ready to book your promotional modeling team, simply send us a quick message about your event and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Trade Show Models
Don’t let potential customers walk by without noticing your tradeshow exhibit! Let KreativePR do the hard work of attracting customers and keeping the all of the attention focused on your brand, so you can focus on sales.

Liquor Promoters
When it comes to alcohol, consumers generally know what they want - the same old thing. Liquor promoters give patrons the chance to try something different for change! Spread brand awareness with Kreative PR!

Event Hosts / Models
Make a great first impression! Often overlooked, the host and greeters can set the mood for your guests for the entire event. Start things off the on right foot and have your guests excited when they arrive!

Nightlife Models
Bring your nightlife venue to life! If you're looking for an effective way to get people excited and talking about your bar or club, we can help! Our models can engage your patrons, build up the hype for your venue and keep the party going!

Street Teams
Engage your customers with one of the most effective forms of guerilla marketing. Street teams actively hand out promotional materials, generate buzz and collect useful information that will ultimately drive sales to your business.