Ask us how you can save up to 30% on document production costs.

Dinos Kridiotis and Son promotes total document solution technology which can  help you save time and money printing, scanning, copying, faxing storing and retreiving your data.

Total document solutions is also known as document management. The machines which perform copy, print, scan and fax all in one are called multifunctional products.

Dinos Kridiotis and Son are distributors of Gestetner copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines as well as Gestetner multifunctional products.

These multifunctional products together with additional software and hardware, such as optical character recognition, paper shredders, trimmers and cutters make up the Total Document Solution.

We offer training in Desk Top Publishing to help you intergrate the tools available with your current office set-up thereby increasing cost efficiency and productivity.

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Dinos Kridiotis and Son Ltd (originally Dinos Kridiotis and Co) is one of the pioneering suppliers of office equipment in Cyprus. The company was founded in 1967 as a family business, by Mr. Dinos Kridiotis who had experience in the field of stencil duplicators and office machines since 1954.

The company is focused on offering high quality products backed by efficient after sales support in the sector of office equipment and complete office and document solutions.

Our Goal

To help businesses and individuals achieve maximum efficiency and profitability by taking advantage of the latest in Total Document Solution Technology.

The Premises

Since November 1994 the company has been operating from its family owned premises at Tefkrou and Hadjidaki Street in Nicosia which  comprises of the showroom and offices, the service workshop and the warehouse.


The company’s clientele includes government, semi-government and private organizations, accountants and auditors, lawyers public and private schools, institutes, colleges and universities and private businesses of all types and sizes.

Service Workshop

Our service personnel are of HND and B.Sc. qualifications and follow regular technical training organised by our suppliers. Their experience ranges from 2-20 years in the repair and maintenance of office machines.

Dinos Kridiotis and Son Ltd, specialises in Total Document Management solutions.

Document Management solutions are comprised of a few technologies working hand in hand to provide you with cost, time and space efficiency as well as giving you the opportunity to improve your marketing by taking advantage of the latest colour document technology to produce impressive in-house advertising literature: booklets, brochures and flyers and more.

Multifunctional means: Copying, Printing, Scanning and Faxing all in one

Assign a Gestetner multifunctional to be the hub of your office document activities. These digital smart boxes can be connected to your local area network and can be programmed to efficiently serve all your document needs.

Gestetner multifunctionals can serve as colour/black and white copiers; they can be connected to your server and print from all the PCs in your network, scan to PC, to E-Mail and to URL as well as send and receive faxes.

Gestetner multifunctionals can be configured to print from PC to a different tray to where faxes are received so as to reduce confusion and can even be configured to print faxes on a different colour paper to completely eliminate confusion.

Maintain Confidentiality and Secure Your Information

It is often difficult to keep track of the huge amount of data and documents that we handle everyday and we fear that confidential documents will get into the wrong hands. One recommended precaution that should be taken with unwanted documents is the shredder.

Instead of filling your garbage cans with sheets and sheets of documents that may contain confidential data, place an office shredder in a central location in your office and a desk side shredder beside every desk, destroy documents, and save space.