Raymond Dicaire discovered that feeding the fishes in his aquariums whole krill significantly improved their health. He sought the expertise of Dr. Michel E. Bégin, Ph.D., microbiologist and fatty acids specialist. KRILEX, whole freeze-dried krill, was then put on the market in 1997. Numerous studies revealed krill's ingredients health benefits for human beeings. Krilex is licensed by Health Canada and is FDA approved. I, Johanne Dicaire, is continuing the mission of my father. Gryd Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of a unique canadian natural product named: KRILEX. Krilex is pure raw whole krill, freeze-dried in Quebec and packaged in vegetable capsules. We freeze-dry frozen whole krill, bought from canadian fishermen,  for daily human consumption. Krilex is a source of omega-3 (EPA-DHA) in a cocktail of essential nutrients like: Digestive enzymes, proteins, fibers, Vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron,  vitB..., antioxydants such as astaxanthine, all essential amino-acids, trace-elements such as selenium, copper and Iodine, phospholipids... All these nutrients are acting in a perfect synergy that multiplies the effectivness of the product. KRILEX brings us beneficial effects all over our metabolism. Today, we continu to educate consumers worldwide about the health benefits of KRILEX.