Krista Photography features documentary-style wedding photography and portraiture by Krista Guenin and her Associate CoCo Boardman. We approach each event from a documentary perspective, artistically capturing priceless moments in a way that reflects the unique reality and emotions the clients experience.  We want to help our clients share their story with others, and preserve their memories, creating a photographic record of the life of their new family.

We shoot weddings because they are beautiful celebrations of love and family, full of emotion, and tons of FUN! We're looking for couples who are excited not just to get married, but to BE married. The wedding is just the beginning of something wonderful!

Wedding coverage by Krista starts at $5500, at $3500 for CoCo, and may include both digital and black & white film photography. We are passionate about helping others, and a portion of all wedding packages will be used to further our documentary work with non-profit organizations around the world.