Co-founders of the chain Robert Kramer and Garret Flower both being tech enthusiasts were trying to come up with ideas to reduce energy consumption and to increase customer comfort. “We didn’t just want to launch wireless chargers like Starbucks in America. Instead went for the complete package: iPad checkouts with Bitcoin support, streaming your own music in the bakery, Coffee and Sandwich ordering via smartphone to cut waiting times with office deliveries, Digital loyalty cards, wireless chargers and and and. We cut energy waste with Google’s Nest Smart Thermostat, we meter the energy consumption of all our equipment through the internet and our smartphones! Imagine the coffee machine, the lights and heating are all on the minute staff enter premises. “It saves lots of time and I can focus on getting the coffee and milk ready” says Ross Fitzpatrick, the barista in Krüst.

“And we have just started! Fingerprint payments and drone deliveries is next!” say the dynamic duo. Only time will tell if large coffee shop chains and casual diners will follow the path set by Krüst. One is clear the trend toward technology in hospitality has begun.