Krysmari Brands was created by mother and daughter duo Michele and Adrienne Krysmari. Krysmari Brands success Is due to creating products that have a need, Michele and Adrienne Krysmari previously owned two successful hair extensions stores in Chicago, because of the number of new entrepreneurs selling hair extensions they decided to get out of selling hair extensions and  cater to providing much needed products in the hair extensions industry. Krysmari Brands saw there was limited information available online or in print for people to learn about selling hair extensions, so Michele and Adrienne wrote one of the only detailed books teaching business owners how to sell hair extensions. Michele and Adrienne used factual information and included information from their own personal experience.
Michele and Adrienne are also the creators and editors of "Hair Extensions Magazine" and online blog with worldwide stories and information pertaining to hair extensions. Michele and Adrienne will release several more secretive products and accessories this year much needed in the hair extensions industry.