KTS1, Inc. is a Kansas City based company that takes design and/or concepts from creation to market. KTS1 is a textile solution provider that can help with product development, marketing, prototyping, sourcing and production.

KTS1 Inc (KTS1) faces all of the challenges of a young company in an industry that has suffered substantial losses over the last several years.  So what makes this company so different and successful?   We have a niche specializing with innovative problem solving in apparel and textile designs, products and process solutions that combine function with a customized approach geared to each client’s individual needs.  KTS1 Inc. specializes in the public safety industry, military, medical, outdoor and pet areas.

KTS1’s niche in designs, products and processes, allow us to work with cutting edge technology.  New technology includes everything from new fibers, top manufacturing models and needed designs.  Product design work is done in house, along with selected contracts. Our experience in innovative problem solving in the textile industry, manufacturing for military, government and the commercial industries, has resulted in new product development, job creation, and substantial savings as well.

This approach to problem solving has placed KTS1 in the unique position of researching multiple markets, their demands and strategic approach in bringing the new technology, designs and products to market.

KTS1 has many competitive advantages which are beneficial. We are currently working with several industries in assistance to deliver new products with cutting edge fiber technology. In providing this service in both the military and private sectors, this allows us to move seamlessly between the markets.

Simply put, KTS1 provides the missing link in the textile industry.