Kyle Chan Design's collection is truly original. Pieces are individually designed and handcrafted by Jewelry Artisan Kyle Chan. Kyle has the innate ability to blend current fashion trends with raw traditional beauty.  

With twenty plus years of experience, Kyle Chan uses the highest quality precious and semi-precious stones to ensure the best craftsmanship possible. With his fresh take on beauty, and vast knowledge of jewelry, you end up with a uniquely wonderful piece.

Kyle Chan is one of Southern California’s most prominent rising jewelry designers. During his early years, he graduated with the Gemological Institute of America specializing in diamonds, color stones, pearls, precious metals, and jewelry designs. In addition to over two decades of experience in both the wholesale and retail Jewelry Industry, Kyle has drawn influence and inspiration from all over the world and more importantly, all over time.
Kyle has since released a full precious and semi precious jewelry collection inspired by other historic times such as Ancient Rome and Greece. Using exotic raw precious and semi-precious stones set in Gold and Silver has created a line that is timeless and elegant, but still maintains a sense of modernism that keeps his work at the front of the 21st century.