L-Theory is a genera fiction book.
It is a story of dream, promise and passion.
It is a story of a loser helps another loser.
It is story of losers fight against wise men.

The main character (He) considers himself a loser in his world. One day, inconceivably, he travels back to the past (1867) and meet young Edison. Unimaginably, Edison is totally a loser. He realizes that the changing history will change his future world; therefore, he decides to help Edison discover the secret of a wooden box that was from Edison’s mother. In the meantime, he becomes Edison’s best friend. It surprises to him that young Nikola appears in Port Huron. These three young men bond together for rescuing a kidnapped little girl who is Edison’s future wife. Can they succeed in the end? In the last part of this story, Edison and Nikola become enemies. And what causes their friendship to end?

It is a story about a young guy who travels back to the past.
It is a story about Edison, who has a promise to keep; has a dream to chase.
It is a story about Nikola, who is planning something mysterious with a spirit.

Thoth, a spirit (who has the forgotten ancient knowledge) and Nikola (who has a talent brain) team up.
He (who has the future information) and Edison (who has a passion for the dream) team up.

What kind of history will turn into at the end?

Can he prove that the future information is able to defeat the forgotten ancient knowledge?