LabelMeRoyalty.com was created to accept essays, poetry, raps, songs and artwork created by young people that express their feelings about their current situations.

LabelMeRoyalty.com was also created for young people to describe the future that they see their self living, along with the present state that they see their lives in. We want every child to realize that we believe that they are the leaders of our future and that they are ROYALTY. We want each and every young person to become accustomed to creating positive labels for themselves, being labeled by others as such and to live their lives as the respected individuals that we all would love to see them become.
We realize that young people hold the keys to unlock many possibilities, but we can clearly see on the news and in our communities that adults are sometimes clueless to the things that young people see as their only or best options. Doors will remain locked and unaccessible for our people as a whole as long as young people have visions that are limited to their surroundings, the media, telvision, video games and music. Doors that lead to destruction will continue to remain open unless adults guide their children and their peers to the doors that lead to possibilities that can not be measured.

We can not continue to allow young people to be raised by the powerfully destructive influences that have influenced some young people to literally become major contributors to the ills of society. It is the duty of adults and young people to groom young people for the royal futures that they deserve and have the right to claim, but we can not properly prepare young people when we do not understand what we are preparing them for because we refuse to listen to their voices or see their visions. Young people are our future leaders, but our communities need to have more clues to what motivates these Leaders to stay on a productive path towards building our future. EVERYONE needs to understand the struggles that young people face and really listen to the voices of the future, so you need to share your voice so that the world can hear you.

Label Me Royalty is attempting to amplify the voices of producive young people and their peers. We are going to motivate our younger generation by not ignoring them, by supporting, by guiding them, and by leading them to the doors that contain the possibilities that can not be measured that I mentioned above. WE CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE, EVERYONE MUST SPEAK LOUDLY TOGETHER!!!

•We are inviting poets, writers and rappers to share their voices
•We are inviting artists to share their artwork
•We are inviting young business leaders to discuss their business
•We are inviting young minister to spread the good word
•We are inviting teachers to submit the program as assignment to their students
•We are inviting churches to submit the program to their youth ministries
•We are inviting parents to submit the program to their children
•and We are inviting groups or organizations to submit the program to their youth members.

Young people have something inside of them that they would love to share with the world. Label Me Royalty will give young people the opportunity to gain credibility in the eyes of the public through their expressions while providing a safe avenue for growth, development, opportunity, unity and positive products that they have contributed to creating for their own benefit. Label Me Royalty does not cost any money, and it was actually created in a way that it can be used as a source of revenue and resources that are beneficial to the participants.

Label Me Royalty is looking for real life expressions from our future leaders. The expressions for Label Me Royalty will not be edited, but expressions that promotes violence and/or profane language will not be eligible.