Labrador, Retrievers and More (Labs and More) is Southern California's fastest growing dog rescue. Their mission expands beyond the scope of typical rescues. Labs and More is dedicated to rescuing mixed and pure bred, puppies and senior dogs, and those dogs with medical challenges. They partner with local trainers, veterinarians, families and volunteers to provide lifelong support to the dogs rescued and homed. The rescue holds weekly adoption events, and an annual 5K Run and Auction/Gala fundraiser.  

We solicit donations needed to recruit volunteers and foster families to assist in our success.  In less than 3 years, Labs and More has provided love and hope to over 1,800 dogs. Last year, Labs and More started the Compassion 4 Paws Foundation to assist senior and injured dogs and to donate puppies to wounded warriors to be trained as service dogs to help give them back their freedom and security.  So far, they have donated 7 dogs to the disabled veterans program, “Dogs for the Brave.”   These dogs see them not as disabled but as their companion.  The love and support these dogs give them makes a tremendous difference in their desire to move on and live.