LAB SUPPLIES OUTLET is a technologically advanced, quality-driven provider of innovative and essential laboratory ware and equipment used on a daily basis by the scientific and medical community. Our mission is to utilize our unique comprehension and understanding of the changing needs of today’s scientists, while maintaining the ability to respond and adapt to a constant scientific advancement.  Our goal is to provide top quality and innovative laboratory products from the most reliable manufacturers at competitive pricing with satisfactory results.  

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bring individual attention, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing to support every client’s needs.  For over a decade, we have been recognized not only by price and quality but by our personalized, efficient service and the attention to individual customer detail, all these set us apart from the competition. Whether you work in a lab or in the field, we will always find the best products that suit your needs. Our company has become the One Stop for all your laboratory requirements.

We supply a selected and extensive line of products to the scientific industry including: clinical, research, diagnostics, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many more.  

Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative products and superior customer service to the scientific and medical communities always catering the unique needs of each individual customer.

We have extensive experience in serving the scientific community and understand that every customers needs are unique. Lab Supplies Outlet welcomes your hard-to-find products and in response we will work hard to find solutions for your needs. We place the highest priority on our customer relationships and strive to provide exceptional service.

Lab Supplies Outlet has become one of the most trusted distributors of laboratory consumables and scientific equipment to the life science, biotechnology, kit manufacturers, veterinary, educational, research, pharmaceutical, industrial, clinical, governmental, University and Specialty markets in North America.  

Some of our product lines include:

Supplies – Plastic Labware, Dewar flasks, bottles, specimen containers, syringes, petri dishes, tubes, tips, vials, wash bottles, PCR products and more.

Histology Supplies – Embedding cassettes, embedding rings, staining systems, slide folders & boxes, microscope slides and cover glass.

Equipment – baths, block heaters and coolers, vortex, cryostats, centrifuges, hotplate stirrers, mixers, incubators, ovens, shakers, rockers, tissue grinders, stirrers, microtomes, laminar flow cabinets, lab incubators, lab ovens, autoclaves, rapid freezers, and more.

Instruments - balances, temperature monitors, hygrometers, microscopes, pipettors, repeat pipettors, pipette controllers, bottle top dispensers, and more.

Diagnostics – collection & clinical swabs, transport systems.

Infection Control –autoclavable bags, sharp containers, medical keyboards and mice.