Trivitron Healthcare is a globally acclaimed healthcare technology solution company headquartered in Chennai, India. Trivitron Healthcare strives to make healthcare technology accessible to all. Trivitron Healthcare offers solutions in laboratory medicine, Radiology, Radiology protection, Cardiology, OR, ICU, renal care, Newborn Screening.

Labsystems Diagnostics is proud to be part of the Trivitron group of companies since 2012.  Labsystems has been a forerunner in innovative diagnostic research and development for over the last 30 years. Labsystems Diagnostics is committed to developing high quality diagnostic solutions for clinical and research laboratories, and for consumer use. The company is dedicated to R&D investment, with highly qualified personnel and state of the art production. A highly rigorous quality system and CE-marked products ensure sustainable quality of the products. These assets combined with efficient customer support have meant long term customer satisfaction and a solid reputation for success. Within 30 years of experience, Labsystems Diagnostics has been a key pioneer in IVD space and Newborn screening.