While some may like the candy colored pin-up of a Bunny Yeager I prefer the darker, noirish, naughty girl look of work by Irving Klaw. He captured the sultry side of that Dark Angel Bettie Page. Bullet bras, seamed stockings, high heels, and girdles bursting at the seams!

Leave the cutesy kid stuff behind. I specialize in bringing out the allure and sensuality in my female subjects. Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Eartha Kitt. Those weren't little girls playing dress up but REAL WOMEN who knew how to use what their mammas gave 'em!

But don't worry ladies...I like to have fun during a shoot. We'll get to know each other while I do your hair and makeup. And hopefully I'll stop running my mouth long enough to take a few photos. All the while being serenaded by a sensational samba or some cool jazz from the '50's. Mood music will enhance the experience of being transformed into a timeless temptress from the past. I have an extensive collection of fine vintage lingerie and shoes. And the authentically detailed props to match. So if you are interested in being photographed as a truly vintage vivacious vixen then I am the man for the job!

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