LA School of Gymnastics is the first Olympic caliber dedicated gymnastics facility that opened its doors in 1975. With its modest beginnings of 20 students which has now over 900 members has been under the direction of USA Inductee to the Sports Hall of Fame Mrs. Alla Svirsky who has developed LASG into one of LA’s most successful and popular training centers in the United States.

We offer programs for everybody and every ambition from the toddler motor development programs to the pursuit of Olympic caliber competitors. Gymnastics provides the strongest and most enjoyable foundation for a child’s journey in becoming a happy and healthy adult by being one of the best all-around training experiences for growth and development of children and youth. The development of physical condition, coordination and strength is complemented with the development of self-confidence, self esteem, concentration and cooperative learning skills. Now you have found the place that can turn your young toddler bursting with energy into a well adjusted young athlete within the athletic elite. Many specialists consider extra curricular activities and programs at LASG very valuable as an accompaniment to school applications and collegiate opportunities. Don’t miss ONE chance to develop your child’s physical education at one of LA’s finest organizations with a timeline of success since 1975!

The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics (LASG) is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that offers comprehensive gymnastics programs for children and youth of all ages and ability levels. Our organization provides children with a structured, safe and professional environment, with individual attention and training for each child. LASG is a USA National & Olympic Team Training Center and our staff and carefully screened coaches have over 120 years of combined experience. Since 1975, LASG has provided our community with the best all-around gymnastic programs in the community’s largest training centers. LASG is committed to excellence! Our goal is to move children, young adults and along with children with disabilities “off the sidelines and into the action!”

Gymnastics is one of the best all-around training experiences for growth and development of children and youth. Physical conditioning, coordination and strength are complemented by increased self-confidence, self-pride, concentration, and cooperative learning skills. Unfortunately, the many positive aspects of gymnastics are not available to all children, because of the high cost of equipment and lack of specialized trainers. “Physical activity increases a child’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Self-esteem and building friendships follow closely as another benefit of participation. Socialization is important to mental health and well-being and can help a child be more self-sufficient and confident.” (Joanne Bauman, Benefits and Barriers to Fitness for Children with Disabilities, NCPAD Newsletter, 2004).

Alla Svirsky, LASG Founder and Executive Director, is a 3 time Olympic coach, 7 times USA Gymnastics Coach of the Year, USA Olympic Judge and Inductee to the Gymnastics Hall of Fame. She holds two Masters Degrees in Anatomy and Physiology and Physical Education, has placed two gymnasts on USA Olympic Team, and has coached 15 USA National Champions. She was a USC Artistic Gymnastics Head Coach for 7 years and served on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors for 8 years.

Qualified Staff:The LASG draws on a distinguished and diverse group of nationally and internationally trained coaches from over 14 countries. All coaches are required to complete the USA Gymnastics (national governing body of gymnastics in the United States ) and OSHA Infant & CPR certification courses. Ten LASG coaches have Master’s Degree in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or are former professional athletes. Together, its 27 coaches have over 120 years of combined coaching experience.