la Jet Set's products are the world's only skincacre products created to help people beat the tough conditions inside of airline cabins, however they can be enjoyed by jetsetters anywhere and everywhere.

The la Jet Set brand was created by flight attendants who had a problem: products from affordable skincare brands usually were usually not well-equipped to face the dry, cold, and gaseous confines of airline cabins, and premium skincare brands were also not always effective, or they were simply too expensive to begin with. That's when they came up with la Jet Set's credo: premium-quality skincare at a more affordable price.

la Jet Set's flagship products is Hydra-Elite Facial moisturizer, which is a moisturizer that contains the world's most powerful natural moisturizers and antioxidants. It is currently available worldwide through la Jet Set's website.

la Jet Set  can be found online, and on instagram, facebook, and twitter.