Lakin Custom Plate Brackets manufacture number plate mounting brackets which overcome ALL the shortcomings of the standard methods of attaching number plates to modern vehicles.

They are designed to use ONLY the original, manufacturer supplied mounting points and are guaranteed to fit perfectly.

Our number plate brackets:

are custom made for exactly your make and model of vehicle.
are CNC machined from 3.0 mm aluminium plate so they're light but strong.
are supplied with all hardware necessary to mount securely.
are designed to accept most plate frames or covers, however we recommend these.
require NO measuring* or drilling*. A single screwdriver is all you need.
are easily fitted by you, your garage or your car dealer.
are the perfect way to protect your special/personal plates from damage for a fraction of the cost of the plates themselves.
can come fitted with an integrated alarm trigger to prevent plate theft, if you choose.
* Some vehicles have no mounting holes or marks to indicate where the mounting screws go. You may need to take care to align the brackets properly in these cases.

They are designed to be unobtrusive. In fact, it's difficult to notice them when fitted. What you WILL notice though, is that your number plates always look neat and properly aligned. They remain securely mounted to your car, they take small knocks in their stride without bending, and they don't rattle or vibrate.

More importantly, your number plates can no longer damage your car. They won't chip or abrade your paintwork, they won't trap moisture behind them, thus reducing the chance of rusting. Our patent pending design means there are no metal parts in contact with your precious paintwork.