Many Quebec employers are hiring temporary workers from abroad to meet the labor scarcity in the region. The Quebec government has revealed that it will invest around 55 million dollars in the funding to help employers to hire and integrate more temporary foreign employees. The labor minister of the Canadian government, Jean Boulet, said that 20.9 million dollars out of 55 million dollars would help provincial business's efforts for international recruitment.

Quebec is experiencing labor deficiencies for over past forty years, and presently, it has one of the highest rates of available job vacancies among every Canadian province. Since the beginning of 2018, an increasing number of hirers have been looking for international temporary workers to fulfill the labor market demands in the region. So in that year, temporary work permits issued raised by thirty-six percent over the year 2017. The CBC news analysis demonstrates that this course has speeded up since the election of new Coalition Avenir Quebec government in 2018, which introduced a temporary 20% contraction in the migrants' number admitted this year to Quebec.

The funding for recruitment- moving expenditures:

These initiatives were announced on 26 August that includes a guarantee to partly fund the businesses' efforts for international recruitment and compensate up to $1000 moving expenses for temporary workers from abroad. The ministry of labor said that the subsidies would help two thousand businesses in Quebec in their efforts for international recruitment. The leftover $33.9 million will be spent on following two programs that work with temporary foreign workers to assist them in settling into Quebec's labor market: PRIME and IPOP. Boulet stated that the appointment of temporary labors from foreign countries is an alternative that is approached by more employers for their effort of meeting labor scarcity in the province of Quebec. He further added that these measures would ensure that the transitory foreign workers' integrity into the labor market of Quebec is positive and durable.

The groups of business have criticized the Coalition Avenir Quebec government for reducing immigration rather than meeting labor shortfalls. The chambers of commerce federation of Quebec has said that the province needs around 60,000 immigrants every year to increase employment and help the economy grow- 20,000 more than the Quebec government has planned to accept in 2019.

The critics say that employing more foreign workers into the province to fulfill the labor demands is not a permanent solution to Quebec's growing ageing population and its labor pool shrinking. According to the CAQ government, the immigration laws will assure that the immigrants are perfectly integrated and are meeting the labor market demands in Quebec.

What is the eligibility requirement to apply for the Quebec Immigration Program?

Immigration to Canada has many routes for those people willing to migrant to the country, which includes Quebec Skilled Worker Program.  The government of Quebec is searching for those workers from overseas who are skillful in some occupations, including Accounting Technicians and Psychologists, and who can help its economy to grow. It requires the individuals to be maximum of 35 years of age, to have sixteen years of minimum education with work experience, have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5. The candidates will have an advantage if their families are in Quebec and/or if they are proficient in English/French language.