Lamergyre Alloys Limited is the largest re-industrialisation project in the Coega Industrial Development Zone at the port city of Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, comprising a state-of-the-art 6.5 Million ton-per-annum stainless steel and alloys manufacturing plant.

The Lamergyre Alloys Project has been conceived and designed to synergise South Africa's potent industrial capacity with Internationally proven, leading edge environmental integration strategies on an unprecedented scale, as a targeted assault on the massive underemployment spawned by capital investment starvation, market estrangement and the fragmentation of process technology.

Lamergyre Alloys Limited is deploying an elegant synthesis of proven and emerging technologies to optimise the plant process efficiencies and also to effect nett-neutral environmental integration through highly robust self-supply and aggressive waste management infrastructure embedded into the entire footprint of our holistic "Living System", which includes all residential, utility and communal amenity construction associated with the plant.

The steel plant processes will produce :

* Hot and cold rolled coils [0.12 to 20 mm thick].

* Coil processing and forming to customer’s specifications sheet and plate, longitudinal slit to customer’s sizes.

* Wide range of surface finishes and shaped forms.

* Near form Rebar casting and rolling mills [mainly stainless steel alloys] – all sizes and lengths.

* Seamless pipe and hollow bar - Universal range of products

* Plate up to 6 M wide and 25 M long 6 mm thick to 200 mm thick,

* Stock coils for plate conversion 6 mm to 25 mm thick and from 1800 mm to 2400 mm wide.

* Heavy beam sections [In stainless steel, alloy steels and carbon steels] full range of sizes and lengths to customers’ requirements.

* Billet, bar [, Square, round and geometric] in Stainless & Alloyed steels

* Superalloys, manufactured, proof machined and finished to customers specifications.

* Bespoke Prototype Alloys.

The project also encompasses the establishment of the human settlement for the employees and their families, an estimated population of 15 000 people.

The provision of training, housing and community services for the employees challenges us with an opportunity to make those developments an integral part of the overall project, in order to achieve social and environmental integration efficiencies on a par with the production and commercial efficiencies of the stainless steel facility.

It is our aim to design and implement this project as a marquee demonstration of sustainable, nett-positive industrial, environmental and social integration on a massive scale. A living system that will be welcomed as a boon by the region and its people.