I am a lawyer by education and a Network Marketing professional.  Before network marketing i was working as a Business Change Consultant in London. In 2009 i travelled to USA on holiday from London. Whilst there, some ladies presented a business opportunity to me. I did not understand how on earth their claims of making 5 - 6 figures USD per month could be true, how? by selling reshaper garments? Nonsense! i thought to myself, but i was open minded enough to agree to attend a meeting. When i got there, i was amazed at what i saw, but when i opted to partner with the company they turned me down. Their excuse was, i was not resident in the states, i did not have a social security number and they were not ready to expand beyond the USA at that time.
I returned to London and decided to contact every person who had a website or anything affiliated to that company. It took me 4 and a half months of speaking to the company and receiving rejection every single day apart from sundays. At first i saw it as a challenge, then later it became a habit to get on the phone after work, call the company and listen to them turn me down. I persisted, 4 and a half months later, they gave in, with some stern conditions.  I needed an address in the US where they would ship my products and i had to produce $300,000 within 7 months. I did not know how on earth i was going to achieve that feat. However, I agreed to all their conditions as i was just overjoyed to be a part of the business. I went about building a team.
My first presentation with over 33 people was at a party, no one signed up or bought anything. That did not deter me, because i was passionate about the products. I was consistent, i heard a lot of no's but i would go out in the snow, rain and sun, nothing was too much. I had listened to Antony Robbins CD's so many times, that nothing could deter me. I managed to build a large team in London and my team and i went on to build teams in various other countries. Within 7 months we were making over two million - 3 million dollars for the company. Our team grew to over 35,000 distributors, world wide. Was responsible for training and mentoring over 35,000 distributors, most of whom achieved their goals and dreams with MLM. Headed the fastest growing team in a company of over 270,000 distributors in over 14 countries. I reached the top most position in 6 months and helped several other distributors achieve the same. A lot of leaders emerged and we made some money. I received a number of awards: Business Woman of the year UK GAB Award, Highest Powerstart Earner. etc.

I left the company in 2012 and now i have found another amazing product and i am ready to fly again..  

Network Marketing can take a person from pitches to riches, if only one can stay the course, be consistent and determined. There will always be good and bad days it's normal, do not take anything personal, remain focused with your goal in mind and watch yourself soar like an eagle.. Network Marketing might not be perfect but it is a better way in Eric Worre's words.