Just when you thought laminate flooring services are all just the same comes to the only exception-- Vancouver Mouldings and Floors Inc. Vancouver flooring laminate company specializes in a wide array of flooring services such as Tile installation, Engineered Flooring, Veneer Flooring and most importantly Laminate Flooring.

Bound with professionalism and efficiency, Vancouver flooring laminate offers quality services in competitive prices. Being in the laminate flooring industry for over some years, our experiences, knowledge and highly skilled team have come up with remarkable designs which will certainly leave people in awe.
To give you a preview, our company comprises of (23) 12.3mm  and  (7) engineered flooring designs giving our clients unlimited options for the design they desire to have. We have two branches in the lower mainland so our laminate flooring services are highly available anytime, anywhere.

Having a good reputation as a Vancouver laminate flooring company, our prime objective is to achieve customer satisfaction, high quality service, accurate quoting and excellent performance from the start until the end.

As you subscribe to our offers, get a chance to have a one year warranty upon installation and a 25-year warranty against staining and color fading on our AC3 12.3mm laminate designs. Nevertheless, we are confident that our Vancouver flooring laminate designs are of strong and genuine quality. It's definitely something to look forward to and something you would want to see everywhere you go!