We're the Lamobo team, a group of dedicated developers and engineers based in Shanghai, China and working under the aegis of our parent company, Kortide. Kortide has over 14 years of OS development experience, 5 offices and over 200 employees. The D1 is the first series of our Lamobo sub-brand.

Our goal is to have best multimedia and development capabilities all rolled into one piece of hardware. We're here on Kickstarter because crowd funding is the fastest way for you to get this cool product and for us to receive your valuable feedback.

With the funds from your much-appreciated Kickstarter contributions, we'll be able to optimize features of the D1 and further our research for the next 3 Lamobo products: the M1, B1 and R1. Please visit us at http://lamobo.io/. Support us and help the world see what Lamobo can do!