Advanced Marketing Group Sedona is a network of direct sales and network marketing professionals specializing in the health care, nutrition and weight loss industries. The Sedona office is headed up by the team of Lana Leslie, MBA, BSEE and her husband John Leslie, MLA who together, market various nutritional supplements and healthcare products to consumers and healthcare professionals.

They also lead a team of Franchise Business Owners who distribute products for Unicity International. Their tag line is "We are in the cholesterol-lowering business" due to its flagship product, BiosLife which is listed in the Physician's Desk Reference and is administered by thousands of health care professionals and doctors worldwide as an alternative to using Statin drugs.

Always looking for new talent for new Franchise Business owners, the Leslie's are busy training and mentoring all of the independent business owners who made a decision to build themselves a residual income.

Many doctors and chiropractors see the benefits of this product, not only because its a proven and effective product to be directly used by health care professionals in their practices, but as a stand alone business opportunity in which to augment their health care practice or oversee their spouses involvement".

The success of most franchise business owners is supported by ongoing trainings, prospecting strategies, internet marketing and product knowledge and education. Websites that can be customized for each franchise owner is available along with video prospecting techniques that allow the franchise owner to brand themselves on the materials being distributed.

What really sets this opportunity apart from the crowd is the fact that any health care professional can recommend it with a straight face to their colleges and not get ridiculed. There is so much scientific back up available, people are overwhelmed, and usually want to try it out for themselves as virtually everybody could lose some fat, lower cholesterol, regulate their blood sugar and add fiber to their diets.

We are professionals looking to work with other professionals. This is a serious opportunity for people to not only help their patients, but to create wealth for themselves long term  -- irrespective of their health care practices.

We invite you to find out more about us and the franchise business by visiting one of the links on this page.