Startups need landing pages. When a customer hears about a cool new app, they check out the app's landing page. Guess where the media goes when they hear about something going viral? And of course VCs always check out a startup's landing pages before investing. Landing pages are the first point of contact for most customers, investors, and the media.

We write landing pages for startups who want to be successful. It’s a simple formula that works. By developing long-term relationships with each of our startup partners, we can help them succeed. We define our success by the number of startups we help succeed. Each of our writers lives and breathes this ethos. The more startups we help succeed, the more successful we become.

User Experience (UX). There’s a reason it’s a buzzword. If a user doesn’t have a good experience, they’ll leave the first chance they have. That is why we write each landing page with a UX focus. We don’t write landing pages for our startup partners. We write landing pages for their customers. If a page clicks with a customer, they’ll buy the product. Simple conversion. Happy customers = Happy startups.

How many landing pages do you need? Each startup is different, but the basic rule is to have a different landing page for every in-bound link to your website. Examples of this could be links from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google AdWords, email sales letters, and press releases. A user that clicks from Facebook is different than one that clicks from an email sales letter. If you create focused landing pages, you will find success.

It’s never too late to prevent a startup failure. Instead of trying another pivot, why not focus on increasing your conversions and traction? Landing pages are basically an advertisement. If you advertised in the New York Times, you would never write your own sales copy. Treat each landing page as if it were your most important advertisement and your startup will soon be on the road to success.