MAGIGLIDE Bifolds offer significant advantages over conventional Bifolds. If you are looking to integrate maximum value with minimum cost this is the Bifold of choice!

   * The most durable closet door available; a 5-year warranty is standard (a 10-year optional warranty is offered).
   * Made to fit virtually any width opening at no additional charge (eliminating the need for costly stub walls).
   * Can be manufactured to any height up to 120" (floor-to-ceiling applications provide maximum storage access as well as eliminating drywall headers).
   * Shop-primed or standard white melamine are the same price (white melamine is a completely pre-finished product which allows you to delete field finishing, while offering maximum durability).
   * Available with virtually any veneer, plastic laminate, melamine or custom paint. Routed designs to match your specifications are also available.
   * Sliding Bipass Closet Door System
   * ADA compliance to serve the growing elderly market at virtually no additional cost.