RDCS LLC provides certified arborist, landscape, horticulture and land development consultant services for commercial property owners, developers and professional consultants and legal expert witness consultant service and litigation support for attorneys and insurers.  Jeremy Rappoport is a certified arborist and certified tree risk assessor, C-27 landscape contractor, horticulturist and land development construction professional.

RDCS LLC is an independent, commercial consultant and sub-consultant to civil engineers, landscape architects, environmental firms, prime contractors, property owners, HOA's, property managers, recreational facilities, builders, developers, and government agencies.  Independent certified arborist and certified tree risk assessment services include:
-Tree inventory
-Tree health assessment
-Basic and advanced tree risk assessment
-Tree and tree nursery appraisal and valuations
-Tree preservation and protection plans during construction, specifications and best management practices
-Tree palette design and selection
-Field inspection, monitoring and supervision
-Arborist reports designed to project specifications

Landscape & horticulture consulting services:
-Landscape horticulture plant design and plant selection
-Irrigation inspection, design conversion to low emission systems
-Landscape maintenance troubleshooting
-Construction management, field inspections, agency coordination
-Punch list generation, completion, conveyance

Land development services:
-Due diligence with jurisdictional agencies
-Develop pro-forma development budgets
-Create critical path construction schedules
-Procure and manage consultant team
-Contract administration
-Project and construction management
-Field supervision

Mr. Rappoport is an expert witness within his specific areas of expertise in landscape, arboriculture, horticulture and land development.  RDCS LLC provides litigation support and forensic expert services for attorneys and insurers.  Mr. Rappoport is able to distill facts and assimilate discovery and forensic information and communicate his findings in a concise, direct manner that provides effective results.