Land Source International (LSI) is a US based company, that has offices in Texas; Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. We are highly organized, and use the latest technology to keep in touch with every single client that request information from us.  We have done extensive research, personally bought property in many of the places, and narrowed down the absolute best places to live in a variety of locations and price ranges.  Much of our success comes from offering property tours, at a fraction of the cost if you attempted to book and travel by yourself.  Our tours are filled with fun, adventure, and education of the culture and process of buying property.  The intent of the tour is to give you the best environment and tools you would need to make a knowledgeable decision of buying real estate in the area that best suits you.

With leadership from Justin McFadin, Gerald Faldyn, and Anthony Faldyn, LSI is an industry leader in creating a bridge for people seeking real estate opportunities in International Markets.