It is Langford International, Inc’s vision that Langford Quality Learning processes create and motivate committed, knowledgeable leaders and facilitators who continually improve learning systems.

Our purpose is to aid in the construction and development of improvement processes that create knowledgeable leaders and facilitators who:

   * Understand the need for systemic improvement.
   * Are motivated to improve learning systems.
   * Work to exceed the expectations of society.
   * Use effective communication techniques.
   * Can construct, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate improvement innovations.
   * Understand that trust and teamwork play an important role in organizational improvement.
   * Guide and train others to understand the overall importance of philosophies and theoretical approaches directed toward improving learning in all walks of life.
   * Develop brain-based experiential projects and exercises designed to formulate an effective systemic improvement process.
   * Improve the quality of learning as a natural part of the education process.
   * Take action.