Language Learning Network (LLN) is a premier provider of world language education for students ranging from nursery to 12th. grade. LLN has a successful 10-year track record of establishing and maintaining meaningful partnerships with an array of educational institutions, including Reggio, Montessori, charter, parochial, and public. An LLN partnership includes curriculum, materials, and resources; classroom instruction; assessments; school community-facing activities (e.g., conferences, back-to-school nights, etc.); professional development; teacher observations; curricular and instructional support; etc.

Reimagine Education Group (REG) was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to support schools as they took on distance and hybrid education. While much of our early work was in educational technology and social-emotional learning, we quickly started to work with schools on DEI, belonging, and social justice in addition to strategic planning, change management, and leadership development. While REG initially set out to support schools, we quickly started to engage with organizations of all sizes, stages of growth, and fields/industries that are dedicated to social impact.