March 15th, 2020 -- Dongguan Langyi Technology Co., Ltd, the China Leading Coreless Motor manufacturer, announces that they will strengthen the promotion for their coreless motors in the international market.

" The top 3 players in coreless motor industry are Swiss Maxon, Germany Faulhaber and Swiss Portecap." said Jeff,
"the Overseas Sales Manager of Langyi Technology, "You know,compared to their products, our motors are much more affordable with the same performance.

We are trying our best to offer our customers more economic drive system that will help them to reduce cost.

If you are looking for an alternative motor supplier, we are the best fit, so please do not hesitate to contact us."added Jeff.

Lanyi's coreless motors feature small size, high efficiency, low power operation. The Low inertia coreless winding offer quick response, zero cogging and quiet operation.

Meanwhile, Langyi has the widest product range, it includes Brushed Coreless motors and Brushless Coreless motors ranging from diameter 10mm to 46mm.

For Brushed Coreless motor series, please check here:


For Brushless Coreless motor series, you can find them here:


For Coreless motor with high precision gearbox series, please check here:


To browse the series of BLDC Coreless Motors with Integrated drivers, please check here:


Langyi Tech will announce their new products monthly, so let us keep an eye on it.