Laptop LCD Screen, a brand new replacement product, is 100% OEM compatible and works as the genuine original part.  This excellent quality Laptop LCD Screen is designed as a perfect replacement for the pre-installed in your brand Notebooks.

Laptop Replacement LCD Screen has the following primary specs;
    -long life and durability design: cooling fan panel and high temperature resistant parts.
    - meets or exceeds the specifications of the LCD Screen that shipped with the notebook

Customer Call to Action:  Order your  Laptop LCD Screen today and you can enjoy your life though the glossy wide screen.

NearbyExpress offers you the following information about a replacement Laptop LCD Screen for your computer brand, which is very important when buying a replacement Laptop LCD Screen.

[1] Resolution. A larger resolution on the same size screen makes you a great view of the images, pictures, movies. When finding a replacement Laptop LCD Screen for HP, this is the first thing you should consider—the resolution.

[2] Aspect Ratio. Whether to choose a Laptop LCD Screen for HP with a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, the basic thing is to meet your need. A regular aspect ratio will be better for office task; a widescreen display will give better viewing experience for entertainment.

[3] Matrix Display. An active matrix display means a brighter display with more detailed pictures, and quickly updated screens which gives the impression of a more detailed picture, particularly for video. It is worth getting this kind of LCD Screen for your HP Laptop, though it may be more expensive.

[4] High Pixel. It is well known that with a higher pixel, the Laptop screen can show you with the high quality pictures and videos. Therefore, it is very important for us to check whether there is a defective or dead pixel on the replacement LCD Screen for your HP Laptop.

[5] Warranty. The period of warranty is important. No one can promise you that your HP Laptop will work as long as it promises under very circumstance. During warranty period, when your HP Laptop LCD Screen has more than 3 dead pixels, or a flash screen, you can ask for repair. If you buy Laptop LCD Screen for HP, Nearby Express will offer you a 12-month warranty.

[6] Price. Buying a famous brand replacement LCD Screen for your HP Laptop, the price is another important aspect you should consider. It is wise for you to compare the price with other computer brands.

[7] Compatible Brand.  If not compatible, it will do great damage to the Laptop. If you do not know about it, please contact Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress to confirm the compatibility first. Please search your laptop model first!

Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress can be your best source to Dropship Laptop LCD Screen from China since it meets the needs of what a reliable Dropship Supplier should have.

1) Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress has regional warehouses America, Germany and China for the brand new replacement Laptop LCD Screen which can satisfy any size from 1 to 100.

2) Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress is able to effectively deliver the products to your customers under your name.

3) Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress is able to provide you a tracking number for tracking in case something happens, like delay of delivery.

4) Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress provides full support for you. That means Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress is able to be contacted with not only via email, but phone, MSN…

5) Dropship Supplier NearbyExpress is never afraid to be tested.

Why Shop With NearbyExpress?

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