LARIXPRESS produces reading applications for children that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablet computers. All the stories have been written specifically for publication on these new devices. They have been developed through close collaboration between authors, illustrators, programmers and the LARIXPRESS team. In this way we have managed to fully exploit the potential of digital technology, with the aim of producing truly interactive and multimedia applications. 
What sets our publishing products apart is the special attention given to each page’s written format and graphic layout. Our main objective is to encourage reading from a very young age, with high-quality material.

The word larix (Latin for “larch”) is a symbol of nature and forests. A forest is a real place, with a multitude of plants and animals, but it’s also a magical and mysterious place populated by fantastic creatures. The word press underscores our connection with printed books and the publisher’s philosophy. Today, books have gone digital – a new invitation to read!