Wuhan Lead Laser Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of laser equipments in China.  We are looking for worldwide laser equipments agent !

For laser subsurface engraving machines, our advanced models can engrave 2D, 2.5D and 3D images in crystal, glass and other transparent materials. 2.5D is our advanced software, It can change common 2D photo into crystal but shows 2.5D effect, it looks like 3D from the front size. (No limit of time, space, location, distance like 3D camera any more). Moreover, the maximum engraving range up to 1500mm*1000mm*80mm.

For laser marking machines. They are not only able to meet the need of mental and nonmental on-line marking on a production line with its high speed, but also give separate and distinct identification numbers to work pieces produced in large quantities, it’s a helpful in production control, quality control and guarding against counterfeit.

There are many models in our company, different model different quality and function, the Lamp pumped, Diode end-pumped, Green laser marking machine are all available.

Moreover, Our products gain CE certificate. We supply 5-7 days free training, every product carries warranty for one year and lifelong maintenance.

If you are interest in this business, please contact us immediately.

Our contact email/MSN is sales4@leadlaser.com

Contact person: Michelle

Website: www.leadlaser.com

Mobile: 0086 15871768028