We have been providing green laser pointers(from 5mw to 700mw), red laser pointers(from 50mw to 200mw), blue laser pointers(from 1mw to 200mw), blue violet laser pointer (from 1mW to 200mw),yellow laser pointer (from 1mW to 100mW), and high quality 100mw RGB three colors laser pointer to customers worldwide, while most of lasers here have been used for astronomical, medical, military, laboratory and other purposes, and our high power green lasers also become the best option for those creative and daring sprits who never want to use a laser as a presentation pointer in teaching and amusement, a stargazer, a money detector, or a cat toy, but also try to use it to pop the balloons, cut the tapes, light the matches, or even light the cigarettes. Moreover, we have been also cooperating with many laser companies, so as to integrate the most high-end laser technology and sophisticated craftsmanship to promote the laser's cost performance, and to offer the most inexpensive green, red and blue laser pointers to all customers who want a retail or quantity purchase.