Lash FX was founded in 2006 by a team of lash artists that wanted to offer products, services and education for fledgling lash artists in the US. At the time, eyelash extensions were a new idea to North America, and there were only a few large companies to turn to for training, skilled customer service and choices in products. We were only scratching the surface of what a true lash expert would need to know.

Fast forward to the hundreds of options that lash artists have today, and the way our corner of the beauty industry has grown into a multi-million dollar specialty service, and you’ve got even more of a need for updated information, products, techniques and refined best practices. Licensing, regulation, consumer trust and safety remain a priority, but lash artists also need a true mentor and coach. They require products that deliver consistency, high quality and elite performance – and access to someone who learns,does, teaches and curates all those qualities.

“What began as a pioneering interest in sharing tips & techniques has grown into a trusted source for inspiration, innovation and education.” Jill Heijligers-Peloquin (Lash FX CEO – Chief Eyelash Officer) was an original founder of Lash FX and sustains a strong team today, so that the brand you have come to know and trust as your “go to” back bar label, remains accessible to you for advice and assistance. Lash FX is the leading source of information and innovative, essential, must-have products, keeping lash artists at the tip of the lash industry’s newest offerings.

Course creation for Lash FX Academy, exploring advancements in science and technology as they relate to the lash artist, and coordinating engaging live events for the industry are not all Jill Heijligers-Peloquin has up her sleeve!
“Now, more than ever, we need strong professional trade associations! Laws are being written that will directly affect our industry, and I encourage you to be part of the process on a local, state or national level.”

Lash FX will definitely be a part of the movement that molds the future for lash artistry. And all along the way, Lash FX will continue to educate, empower and support the artists themselves.