Lowest Prices, The Best Service & The most detailed Vehicle inspection in Australia is our POLICY.

Last Check is an innovative Australian mobile vehicle inspection organisation. It has been made by passion to automotive industry and with the aim of helping
Australian society in getting value for their hard earned cash when it comes to purchasing their new dream car.

We provides vehicle solutions to government fleet, corporate and all members of the public.
Check out our vehicle inspection services here: https://lastcheck.com.au/pre-purchase-inspections/

We won’t let you pay for a bad vehicle, simple as that. Even if anything is about to go bad, we’ll bring it to your attention.

You get over 250 point check depending on your vehicle which gives you.
1.     Full engine, transmission, and power train check
2.     Full Intense Road test
3.     Full Computer diagnostics checking transmission, engine, ABS, SRS  etc.
4.     We jack up the vehicle and inspect the under body for any steering or brake damage or any oil leaks
5.     2 Stage pressurised engine test
6.     2 stage pressurised Transmission check
7.     Full paint checks using state of the art technology. We pick up the slightest paint job no matter how old it is
8.     Full interior and body check
9.     Full official PPSR vehicle history report to see if the car ever has been written off, stolen or has been under finance
10.     Full price evaluation telling you how much is the max safe price to pay

Check out our sample report in here: https://lastcheck.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/VIBE-sample-report.pdf

All this comes with lifetime support & 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee!