As some of you may know a really popular and also the only chat room that existed for cryptocurrency investment got taken down.

If you don't know what I mean it's the Trollbox from the Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange.

We think that it was quite a important thing and want to continue it with LastCrypto.com
You are able to talk to other investors about new Coins that are out there, high or downs.. when to sell or buy.

We got live exchange rates which are updated every 10 seconds.

We just launched today and because of that we have a Giveaway of 0.007 BTC on the top right of our Website.
You can just join the Chat Rooms which is talking about your favorite Coin!
Bitcoin, Digibyte or Ethereum, works for every currency. Get tips and tricks for your investment and trading.
LastCrypto is the place to go for new Investors! and also the continuation of the Poloniex Trollbox!