Don't go to Las Vegas without a PLAN!!

$300,000,000 is the amount of advertising dollars thrown at you yearly in not so subtle ways trying to get your attention to part with your cash! 40 million people go to Vegas without a clue!

We keep you on the path of your budgeted preferences but give you plenty of choices to satiate any wanderlust appetites. Spending roughly the price of a buffet MAY SAVE YOU HUNDREDS in bad choices wrapped in pretty packages!

All those nationally known travel websites are cumbersome, incomplete, biased, and most importantly make money off booking fees and more. NOT HERE. We are NOT a booking agency. You can trust our suggestions for your stay because we have no vested interest in recommending one place or another!
You do not see banner ads pushing a resort, casino or club. Any links we have are either to our own pages or places to help you embellish your stay.

We love the hard work travel agents can do. However, unless you trust them implicitly to make those choices for you, you're better off getting your custom plan and then have your travel agent book your stay.

The famous LAS VEGAS VACATION PACKAGE doesn't always live up to the hype. The typical package includes the flight, hotel, food, shows, perhaps some gaming, perhaps some spa amenities as well – it all depends on what you're willing to pay. Never mind the fact the best dollar per ounce steak in town, (and in this instance you're a steak lover,) is a ten minute walk away – or the choice of shows do not interest you – or the hotel has limited views of the Strip during your stay dates – or the flights are not on airlines you particularly like flying. Even if it was all to your liking, it's a guarantee it will never be tailor made for you and yours! And again, package deals are designed to benefit the seller, not you. The choices in the package benefits a hotel chain which owns or has affiliations with just their business associates. As an example, a package stay at the MGM Grand is not going to include
a gondola ride at The Venetian.

Keep in mind everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, will tell you how to "do Vegas." Ironically, Vegas knows how to "do YOU!" You will read tips and suggestions from all over social media with most of it being, well, just plain wrong. Someone loves a place, another hates it – someone loves downtown, another loathes it, and so on. At least CALL a place for answers from the source!

DO NOT depend on thousands of people who aren't going to take the time to know you to give you proper advice! Better yet, GET A PLAN from people who have no reciprocal relationships with the places they recommend nor receive any compensation for their suggestions.