Latched media is an outlet for creativity and vibrancy through the implementation of our unique and unexplored branding applications. Prior to modern technologies circa 2010, over 90% of Fortune-1000 companies practiced traditional, generational, and apathetic styles of designing their brands. In doing so, many of the companies lacked a crucial, archetypal structure; creative, innovative minds that can develop a brand’s identity as technology, time, and society advance. Fortunately for consumers, Latched Media sprung to life with a team of innovators. The idea that one such company can be defined by its brand was considered ludicrous, until now. The extent of which Latched Media operates is to the extent of a company’s success. Our style of branding and art direction allows us to use the latest technology, ideas, and community perspective to help drive the attention and interest of the average consumer to a company. By accessing crucial information about clients, a molded, conformed brand identity can be created and implemented to kickstart a company into a path for success. On the other hand, an existing, well-structured company can approach Latched Media to request an update of their current brand, to entice a new population of consumers who are looking for something deep, lively, and brilliant. Latched Media does not only participate in the branding industry to satisfy the needs of other organizations; by creating unique, inspired, and precise foundations for other companies, Latched Media builds off of those ideas to better the exterior of itself, to maintain an image of collaboration, creativity, and endless vicissitude.