“Late Night in the Bedroom” is a brand new live audience online talk show, featuring Toronto's freshest emerging local artists, musicians and cultural players. A side project of Whippersnapper Gallery, the show takes monthly with the aim of expanding public dialogue around the art we see, hear, and create, as well as supporting the ongoing development of our creative community.

The online show was created by a group of Toronto artists who all specialize in different artistic mediums.  Our collective consists of local visual artists, producers, theatre actors, musicians, digital media directors, fashion designers and many other young creative minds.  

To date, we have been able to shoot the episodes through the generous efforts of our collective, without receiving any funding from outside sources.

Every show consists of interviews with three to four guests from Toronto’s artistic and cultural community.  The guests are given an opportunity to expose themselves and their artistic contributions to the live audience, which consists of 50 people per show, as well as innumerous online viewers across Canada and abroad.  The show also includes segments that take the cameras to events across the city, giving the artists or guests an opportunity to share their work in its true environment.  This show is important to our artistic community as it stands to:

a) Expose the work and creative processes of local artists

b) Expand the dialogue amongst the young Toronto artistic and cultural players

c) Connect the numerous and diverse artistic communities in and around Toronto

d) Celebrate and create more hype around the potent, raw talent and creative energy that exists in Toronto