Genesis Events India has seen 16 years of steady growth which was founded by a group of assiduous professionals with years of collective experience in the field of training and events.
A very good training program is vital to the success of any business but surprisingly it is most often overlooked. Companies around the world spend a lot of money to train employees in the skills they need to improve corporate performance - topics like communication, sales techniques, or performance management. But conventional training typically doesn't have much impact.
Therefore we as an entity impart training using tools which are far more interactive, dramatic, mind boggling and stimulating to help businesses improve their productivity and profitability.
In today's customer-oriented business environment, "creativity and innovation" are critical for personal and organizational success. Intelligence is something we are born with. Thinking is a skill that must be learned.
We provide de bono creativity and innovation tools to establish a new way of thinking that opens the doors to improved productivity and profitability.
Most of our Clients have conducted follow-on learning sessions with us. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just a learning intervention. We take a keen interest in meeting the company's long term objectives.