Latitude 27 Marketing began as a dream encouraged by many. As a woman-owned firm based in Tampa, Florida, our business is based on partnerships and referrals. We do what we say and we say what we do. Our team includes a skilled network of individuals from all aspects of marketing fields. We offer a wide array of marketing solutions which complement our clients' sales and business development platforms. Our focus is on Integrated Marketing, Grassroots Marketing, Social Media, and Experiential Marketing.

Our philosophy is to know and understand your customer. Your target audience is people no matter how you view it. Any message is comprehended by 20% what you say and 80% how you say it. We believe the 80% is not only how you say it, but how you execute it and where you target.

We believe in regularly re-evaluating and improving strategies. The world is constantly changing and your business should update and integrate with those adjustments to be as current as possible in your marketing strategy.

Our goal is to create a lifelong partnership with your business. We want to support your business, it's charities and events, and the mission you hold. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business team. Connecting people and other businesses to create mutually beneficial and strategic partnerships is something we regard as extremely important. We believe in integrity, tact, and quality.